Jackson City Fight League Results

Busy weekend of competitions that saw us travel to 4 different cities in the US and Canada. We’re proud of everyone that fought and supported the team. Special congratulations go to the following fighters that went Beast mode on Saturday night in Jackson City, Michigan in their Prison City Fight League MMA debuts:

Chris Heedo for his dominant 1st round victory by Rear Naked Choke at 145lbs. Chris slammed, back-mounted and choked his opponent within the first minute of the fight demonstrating his terrific Jiu-Jitsu ability. This is a fantastic achievement for a guy that walked into our gym 3 years ago lacking confidence and totally out of shape at around 230lbs– what a remarkable transformation!

Dan Fraser for his dominant Unanimous Decision victory. Dan was calm, cool and collected and used his fantastic boxing and Jiu-Jitsu skills to control and beat-up his opponent for every second of the fight!

Goran Arnaut for somehow managing to Knockout then Submit his opponent in the very first round, all without breaking a sweat or even blinking his eyes (Goran is a scary dude before and during a fight).

Mahyar Makki for his precise striking exhibition that left his opponent completely bruised and battered.

Shawn Farr for demonstrating heart and never giving up despite facing a much bigger, more experienced opponent.

Well done, everyone! Way to represent Central Combat Sports and Daniel Valverde Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. A final thanks to Coach Dave Orton for his exceptional corner/cutman work, Coach Cedric Benn, Coach Jeremy Garrod and Darrin D’Amore for all his help backstage. It’s a good night when everyone comes out of the cage without barely a scratch!

Central @ Prison City FL